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Tri-County Memorials does much more than design and manufacture memorials. From cleaning to repair, our comprehensive understanding of memorials, their materials, and the effects of the elements allow us to provide a variety of maintenance and restorative services. With our expertise, that old, decayed headstone can be looking new in just a matter of time.


Keeping a memorial clean is more difficult than you’d think. Tri-County Memorials will help ensure that the one close to you is in tip-top shape.


Do you know a memorial that needs some TLC? Our restorative techniques will have your monument looking as good as new.

Cornerstones for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Cornerstones are an excellent way of integrating a memorial into a structure, and are a great option for commemorating someone who had a significant tie to the building.

Eternal Lights and Candles

Lighted memorials are a unique way of representing the eternal spirit of someone who has passed away. Whether an electronic light or candle, we offer a variety of styles to help remember your loved one.


While damage to a gravestone or headstone is unfortunate, our expertise means that they can be repaired.

Cemetery Weathering

Over time, the elements can play a role in the composition and appearance of a gravestone or headstone. We’ll help combat erosion, and ensure that your memorial is better able to withstand any weather condition.

In addition to the variety of memorials built and services offered, Tri-County Memorials also offers a slew of additional niche services.

Sand and Etch Plaques

These plaques are a unique combination of two unique processes — delicate etching and more coarse sanding. Together, they produce a one-of-a-kind effect that is aesthetically appealing.

Dedication Plaques

Whether it’s highlighting a new building or commemorating a landmark, dedication plaques are an excellent way of highlighting an individual’s contributions.

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